Geolocated mobility insights captured from constellations of satellites to improve strategic business decisions


Kido Dynamic's software helps to understand people's mobility patterns to make faster, better and more informed decisions, e.g. in tourism (find out who visited the city and discover new market opportunities), in mobility (find out people's mobility patterns and optimize traffic accordingly) and in retail (identify customer behavior trends and maximize a locations' performance). The provided insights help to make cities smarter.

In simple terms Kido Dynamics access millions of data points generated by anonymized and aggregated mobile users, apply advanced big data and machine learning techniques to generate powerful insights about people's mobility and apply it to solve real life problems for governments and companies of all kinds. It is all about being able to untap the unheard potential of total population mobility patterns to see the whole picture and consequently be able to predict and explain.

The data is delivered in three different ways: 1) Detailed reports (Development of analysis and generation of insights for decision making 2) Visualization platform (Information available on visual maps with various filters for specific analysis) 3) Importable data (Data and metadata generated in standard programs for geospatial representation)

Application fields are:

  • Smart cities & transport (better infrastructure planning, better investment forecast, improvement in service level) by metrics of
    • real time measurement
    • traffic segmentation
    • trajectories, speed and patterns
    • hours / days / weeks / seasonality
  • Tourism, safety and health (understand patterns to improve the experience or take advantage of hidden opportunities) by metrics of
    • most visited places
    • origin of visitors by city / country
    • areas of interest
    • daily and weekly behaviour
  • OOH Marketing & real estate (find the best place and time to campaigns or improve location intelligence) by metrics of
    • audience measurement
    • impressions and views indicators
    • ranking of elements and places of communication
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